PFT’s 2021 MVP: Aaron Rodgers

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The awake mob has no power here.

Yes, Aaron Rodgers lied about being vaccinated, to avoid being criticized for not being vaccinated. Of course, he held the franchise and its fan base hostage with an offseason mystery of whether or not he would retire, an effort that may have been as much about getting attention as sending a message to the Packers. Yep, he can be a bit of an idiot and even a low-key bully, by using a weekly radio platform with Pat McAfee and AJ Hawk to air complaints and decide results – and also inadvertently show the world a little too much of his ass. .

Either way, he’s the best player in the NFL. Better than Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes or any other quarterback or non-quarterback.

Brady came in second in our unofficial internal discussions; at the age of 44, he continues to do creepy things. But the ultimate distinction appears on the playoff tree, where Rodgers took his team to No. 1 seed, and Brady did not.

In a wide-open NFL season, it has tremendous value to avoid the wildcard round and ensure that only a few home wins result in a Super Bowl spot. Rodgers has tremendous value. He has incredible throwing ability, wrist power, speed and accuracy that becomes even more impressive as he approaches the 40s.

In addition to Brady, we also considered Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who may soon be the multi-year MVP for a Cincinnati franchise that is growing. Still, the winner is Rodgers. Brady deserves it. Rodgers deserves it more. Putting all things aside that are not related to football (which hopefully most Associated Press voters did), it’s an easy matter.

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