Pioli explains the ‘identity’ he wanted to achieve as Milan boss

Stefano Pioli has revealed how he wanted to give AC Milan a clear tactical identity, a ‘soul’ and some ’emotion’.

He was hired by Milan early in the 2019-20 season and while there were some teething problems at first, the journey so far has been very positive as Pioli has guided Milan back to the Champions League and aimed for silverware again.

Pioli spoke to the official UEFA channel about the Milan team he has been trying to create and his principles as head coach.

“If you manage to create a team identity, it means you have foundations that are unlikely to collapse. There will always be negative or positive moments, but when you gave the team an idea about being on the pitch, clear concepts and a soul – because football is not only playing well from a technical-tactical point of view, but emotion and feeling that conveys between the players, it’s having a common goal that makes you put aside personal needs for the team – and you realize you’ve succeeded, the coach realizes that his job is much easier,” he said (via MilanNews).

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