Planet Zoo has a birthday update with the black and white lemur

The second year anniversary update also includes a community challenge with boosted animals

Fans have a reason to visit again Planet Zoo on its second birthday, as there’s a free update that adds the black and white ruffled lemur as well as Bernie’s Bakes, a new cake shop.

You have to love lemurs, and this particular species is pretty iconic – you can never have too many animal options in a zoo management game, especially primates. Planet Zoo already had ringtail lemur and red ruffed lemur, so the black and white ruffed lemur is more like a bonus, making complete sense as a free 2-year anniversary update.

As for the new snack stand, Bernie’s Bakes sells cupcakes. If my guests do not run out to get sugar rush, then I do. Both the lemur and cake shop are live in the game with update 1.7.2.

Bernie's Bakes cake shop is new to Planet Zoo with update 1.7.2

Frontier Developments is also rolling out a time-limited community challenge that will run in Planet Zoo from 5.-7. November 2021. The goal is to release animals back into the wild (an ongoing theme), and for every fifth animal you set free, “you get a boosted animal in return that has an 80% + in any gene, and a 1 / 50 chance to be a color morph. On top of that, every 20 released animals will assign an avatar outfit! (Please note: this is limited to ~ 600 animals per user, which is when you want to unlock all released costumes, etc. .). “

To be honest, even at the height of my interest in Planet Zoo, I was never too obsessed with chasing the “albino” dream, but highly rated animals are valued.

When an anniversary update falls for a game, I like to check in on the community of players still hanging in there. In this case, people are happy about the free animal fall and want to see more of it in the future – especially considering how widespread the paid DLC has been for Planet Zoo. Most recently, we received the North America Animal Pack.

“Please get in the habit of adding free animals, these may be animals that are very close to those already in the game like this, but I want Nile crocs and American black bears, and I do not know. how else they would be officially added, ”said TheThagomizer.

Another player on Planet Zoo subreddit, AvovaDynasty, repeated this feeling.

“I would love just quick little reskins to fill the list – American black bears, sumatran orangutans, Caribbean / American flamingos, Barbary / Rhesus macaques, borer, brown capuchins, gray kangaroos, etc.

This is how we get our hopes up! (But I’m right there with you.)

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