PlayStation Direct Online Store now live in UK, Germany

Update (10/11/21): Following the launch of PlayStation Direct in Germany on Monday, Sony’s online store is now live in the UK:

You can access the UK version of the site via the link. PS Direct will be rolled out to other European countries in the near future and we expect the list of territories below to grow as time goes on.

Original story: For many aspiring PS5 buyers, PlayStation Direct has been one of the more reliable ways to buy one of Sony’s coveted consoles. As the name suggests, it is an online store through which the company sells PS5 consoles – and many other products – directly. While this is a great option, it has only been available in the US, but it looks like PS Direct is finally coming to European territories.

A tweet from PlayStation UK says the store is starting to roll out in the region:

So from today with Germany, PS Direct is finally coming to Europe. As the tweet says, other countries that will soon receive access are the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, although no date is currently attached. However, it sounds like more information is coming soon.

This is good news, because until now, European PlayStation fans have had to be hyper-aware of various online stores and when they will next receive PS5 shares, something that has proved incredibly difficult – especially when the console is sold out. in a few minutes. Although the Direct Store does not guarantee you a PS5, it gives you at least more fighting chances to be able to register your interest and participate in its queuing system.

We’ll update you when the UK version of the site arrives, but it looks like it’s not too far away now. Are you happy to see PS Direct coming to Europe? Tell us in the comments section below.


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