Possible Tiebreaker Criteria and Scenarios: A Guide to Understanding the MLB Postseason Rankings

With just one game remaining in the regular season, the 2021 MLB postseason still has tickets available for various teams.

Game 162 is here! The MLB regular season is about to end, but everything can change in a matter of hours and modify how the 2021 postseason would develop. With some places to be defined and many teams with possibilities, we are going to talk about the possible scenarios and criteria that are in the spotlight of the whole world.

The activity of this Sunday begins at 2:00 p.m. only with a few minutes of difference between matches.

National League: Dodgers and Giants vie for divisional title

The National League already knows its 5 classifieds. Whatever happens, the Brewers, Braves, Cardinals, Dodgers and Giants will all be in the 2021 MLB postseason. St. Louis will go to the wild card game and face Los Angeles or San Francisco.

However, the first thing is to define the champion of the West. San Francisco needs to win to secure the title with just one game between the Dodgers and the Giants. With a loss and a win for Los Angeles, the scene would change to give us a playoff game. The first step for the Dodgers has already been taken thanks to the 20 victories of Julio UrĂ­as.

This would be played on Monday, October 3 at the Giants’ home; the winner advances straight and the loser moves to the wild card against the Cardinals.

American League: The Wild Card Contest

The most interesting comes thanks to the American League. The Rays, White Sox and Astros are champions in their respective divisions, but the fight for the wild cards is on fire: The Yankees, Blue Jays, Red Sox and Mariners play each other on the last day of activity in the regular. season.

New York had a solid lead over Boston thanks to its recent sweep, but everything changed against Toronto and Tampa. Now, all 4 teams have a chance to advance and even a quadruple tie that forces them to have more games before the 2021 MLB postseason.

In the event of a tie, how is the MLB postseason defined?

For the 4 teams in question to be tied, you need the losses of the Yankees and the Red Sox and the victories of the Blue Jays and the Mariners. If this happens, enter the tiebreaker through two different games.

From that moment on, we are Team A, Team B, Team C and Team D. Franchises will have the opportunity to choose which letter they prefer according to their winning percentages; the best percentage picks first and from there below.

Team A would face B and C would face D. The winners of these games would be those who play the wild card.

What if there is a triple tie?

This is also a great possibility. In case the Yankees and Red Sox lose, while the Mariners or Blue Jays win (only one), we would have a triple tie and another tiebreaker. Again, you would have Team A, B, and C.

Whoever has the best winning percentage will choose which letter they prefer and will stick, because the good news is yet to come: A and B will face off first, and the winner advances directly to the wild card. The loser would get another chance by facing C, and then the winner would collide with A in the postseason.

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