PSA: Spoiler Images of Spider-Man: No Way Home May Have Leaked

Images claiming to show spoilers for the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home have surfaced online – if you’re trying to avoid details about the upcoming movie, you may want to exercise caution on social media.

Two images – which we will not repost or describe – are being shared via social media. While it’s unclear at the time of writing if they’re legit, they appear to show major spoilers from the third Tom Holland solo Spider-Man movie.

We’ve got just over a month before No Way Home releases, and it’s clear from the official trailer and posters that the movie will feature some major changes to the MCU, including some unexpected villains. Spoilers for a movie with these ambitions are perhaps even more damaging than other favorite movies.

It could even be our last outing with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, with the actor saying the film was treated as the “end of a franchise,” and reports of Marvel fighting to keep the rights to the character, among other things.

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