PSG.LGD clears Xiao8 of allegations of gambling after internal investigation

An internal investigation conducted by PSG.LGD, which was launched in early December 2021 to find out the truth behind the betting allegations against its Dota 2 coach Zhang “xiao8“Ning, has not found evidence of such malpractice. In a Weibo post on December 29, 2021, the PSG.LGD revealed that the independent monitoring center which took charge of this investigation reviewed xiao8’s documents and all available evidence in this case and concluded that xiao8 did not engage in any unfair practice.The Xiao8 30-day suspension issued at the beginning of this investigation will now be terminated unless appropriate evidence is raised within the next three days following this result.

Xiao8’s suspension lifted soon after PSG.LGD’s internal investigation finds him innocent in unfair practice

According to PSG.LGD’s Weibo statement, the monitoring center collected all internet information about the allegations of unfair practice that xiao8 was considered to be involved in. Information was collected from mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices, as well as from applications such as WeChat and Alipay, all with consent from the persons affected, according to PSG.LGD.

The Monitoring Center reviewed all of this data and interviewed various individuals under the supervision of the Public Security Department, but no evidence of unfair practice was found from xiao8. PSG.LGD stated:

  • The staff of the DOTA2 department of our club did not behave improperly in order to influence the fairness of the tournament and did not try to influence the outcome of the tournament in a way that violated the ethics of the sport.

  • After the TI10 tournament, the situation is reflected in the negative images related to Zhang Ning (ID: xiao8) on the Internet not true.

When this investigation began in early December 2021, xiao8 had received a 30-day suspension due to the damage this controversy caused to PSG.LGD’s brand. Now, according to PSG.LGD, any party who has any objections to the results of this monitoring center and has evidence to present can do so within the next three days. However, the suspension of xiao8 will be terminated and he will be able to return to coaching if no appropriate objection is raised or if it is ignored by the center.

Valve had already expressed its conviction that no disloyal practices had been carried out at TI10. When the internal investigation was launched, PSG.LGD had released an email chain with Valve. The email chain asked Valve to examine the audio and video files on the TI10. A message from Bruno (A Valve employee) had explicitly stated that Valve did not believe that PSG.LGD had embarked on match-fixing in the tournament. “We have no reason to believe that LGD matchfixed or did anything wrong during the finals. We are confident in the integrity of the TI10 and its outcome.”

PSG.LGD will play its first series in the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021-22 Tour 1: Division 1 against Team Aster on January 3, 2022. Should no objections be raised, xiao8 will return to train the squad from this series. .

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