Quantum of Solace aperture cooler made in video editing

Daniel Craig’s maligned James Bond movie Quantum of Solace gets an improved gun barrel opening in a cool new fan-created video edit.

Quantum of Solace gets a cooler gun barrel opening in a new fan-made edit. Daniel Craig’s James Bond returned for his second adventure in the 2006 sequel Casino royale.

The first Craig Bond effort, of course, was the film that revived the secret agent series after it began to creatively stagnate during the Pierce Brosnan era. Sadly, the second Bond film starring Craig largely failed to live up to the promise of the first, and many fans are now considering Quantum of Solace the weakest of the Craig-era Bond films. Two who disagree with all Quantum of Solace bashing, however, is Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, who recently defended the film, saying that the revenge story was actually key to Bond’s character development.


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Fix anything wrong with Quantum of Solace may not be possible, but a fan recently made a small improvement to the often denigrated entry from the Bond series. In a new video edit, YouTube user Brightslash created a much cooler gun barrel opening for the movie with a shot of Craig’s Bond taking down one of the bad guys from the movie. Watch the clip in space below:

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The classic gun barrel opening has, of course, been a hallmark of the Bond series since its inception and has largely remained the same over the years, save for improved graphics. in the new Quantum of Solace In the opening, Craig fights M’s treacherous bodyguard Mitchell and knocks him down with one shot (the scene is actually the culmination of a much longer action sequence). In the fan edit, Bond’s kill shot becomes the actual gun-running scene, which is of course a departure from most Bond films that don’t really incorporate the gun-running moment into the story.

This new fan-made clip is indeed a great example of a small idea that makes for a great moment. The creator of Brightslash noted that the shot from a battered Bond taking down Mitchell would make a perfect gunshot. So they went ahead and let that happen. Such fan creativity is, of course, an important part of the ongoing dialogue between those who create content and those who consume it, making for a much more dynamic relationship between creator and audience. This cool new gun barrel opening might not solve most of what’s wrong with it Quantum of Solace, but at least it makes for a fun little clip celebrating Bond and Craig and paying tribute to a Bond staple that will seemingly never go off screens as long as the 007 series goes on.

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Source: Brightslash/YouTube

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