Random: LAPD officers fired to catch Pokémon instead of villains

Image: Niantic / The Pokémon Company

Forensic documents have revealed details of a story about two LAPD officers who were fired from the force back in 2017 for playing Pokémon GO on duty – while ignoring calls for backup in the event of an ongoing robbery nearby.

As reported by Vice, officers Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell, who have just had their appeal for reinstatement rejected by a California judge, were near an ongoing robbery at a Macy’s in Crenshaw when they received urgent calls from colleagues to provide support. Instead, the couple moved from the crime scene to chase a Snorlax, as well as a rarer Togetic, in Niantic’s magnificent mobile game.

When initially asked about their lack of response on their radio, officers insisted they had been in a noisy area and failed to hear calls for help. But after further investigation of their dashcam, it turned out that the couple had actually openly ignored their communications in the car in favor of enthusiastically chasing Pokémon, even moving their team car to several different locations to track them.

Legal documents filed about the incident illustrate with quotes how involved the two police officers were in their Pokémon hunt:

After Mitchell apparently captured Snorlax – exclaimed, “Got ’em” – the applicants agreed to “[g]o get Togetic ”and drove off. When their car stopped again, DICVS recorded Mitchell saying, “Do not run away. Do not run away,” while Lozano described how he “buried it and ultra-balled” Togetic before announcing, “Got him.” Mitchell advised that he was “[s]until I try to catch it, “and added,” holy shit, man. This thing fights me shit. “

Eventually, Mitchell exclaimed, “Holy Crap. Finally,” apparently referring to capturing Togetic, and he remarked, “The[ ] guys get so jealous. “

Petitioners then agreed to return to 7-Eleven (where Sergeant Gomez later met them) to end their guard. Along the way, Mitchell remarked, “I got you a new Pokémon today, dude.”

In the wake of the incident, officers Lozano and Mitchell tried to get themselves reinstated, claiming that their vehicle’s recording devices in the car were not intended to be used to record “private conversations”, an appeal rejected by the local judge. .

The pair may not have caught any criminals that day, after openly ignoring calls to help colleagues, but they can at least take comfort in the fact that they got two difficult Pokémon.


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