Ranking of the 14 playoff quarterbacks based on NGS ‘new Passing Score metric

Pass score: 88

  • Rank among 31 qualified QB: 8
  • Last 3 seasons: 2020: 93 (7.) | 2019: 85 (17.) | 2018: 91 (8.)
  • Overall passed EPA on trial: +148.4 (7.)
  • EPA / trial: +0.21 (11.)
  • Best games: Week 5 vs. dolphins (92)

As a 44-year-old, Brady begins his hunt for his record eighth Super Bowl ring. While Brady gets his 46th playoff start this weekend, the other 11 starting QBs have started 44 playoff games in total. Brady led the league in passing attempts and ranked first in finishes, yards (5,316) and touchdowns (43). From an efficiency standpoint, Brady did not have an excellent season by his high standards. He checks in as the eighth best passing player this season with an 88 NGS passing score – a slight drop from his 93 passing scores last season.

It is important to note that the passing result does not take into account sacks – possibly the area where Brady shines most clearly. Brady took just 22 sacks this season, just like the second-fastest among qualified quarterbacks, despite leading the NFL in total dropbacks this season (3.0% layoff). Either way, his position near the top of the sport as a pass player remains intact, ranking in the top 10 in 14 key NGS passing divisions in 2021, including six divisions in the top five.

Brady’s mastery of his own offensive and opposing defensive tendencies has fueled his Hall of Fame career. So it’s no surprise that Brady finished as the fourth-best pass player on third downs, with a 96-pass score. Brady’s investment in his health has also paid off, and his right arm has yet to show signs of decline. Thus, despite his advanced age, Brady clearly fits into Bruce Arian’s offensive plan, running vertical routes with the highest rate in the league since 2019 (33%). Brady achieved a maximum pass score (99) targeting vertical routes this season. To add to the defensive coordinators ’headache when the game is scheduled for the Buccaneers offense this season, Brady also owned the second-best score on passes under 10 air yards.

Key results by situation:

  • Inside the gearbox: 88 (5.)
  • Under 10 air yards: 87 (2.)
  • Deep passes: 91 (10.)

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