Registration is in process for Red Bull Quicket UAE 2021

Red Bull UAE announces that registration for Red Bull Quicket – UAE 2021 is now open, and participants are encouraged to register as quickly as possible as there are limited spots available.

The exciting sports tournament, which first debuted in the United Arab Emirates in 2011, returns for another edition, from September 24 to October 8, 2021, with a format in which street-level and junior cricketers national level will be very familiar.

Red Bull Quicket will kick off its first qualifier on Friday, September 24 in Ras Al Khaimah, followed by three more qualifiers in Ajman and Dubai leading up to the grand final on October 8 in Nasma Central, Sharjah’s new lifestyle hub.

Adopting a “2v2” format, or two players per side, each Red Bull Quicket match lasts ten minutes and consists of 2 overs per inning, 6 balls per over and each bowler one over. Small Red Bull Quicket goal posters are on the field: 3 runs, 5 runs, and 6 runs. The objective of the game is simple … Hit the goal and the team receives the races. If the ball runs off the goal line, no runs are awarded.

A match does not end until both sides play the full quota of overs; but it should be noted that only runs scored with the cricket bat will be considered. That means there are no leg byes, no byes, and no knockdowns.

If a match ends in a draw, the winning team will be decided by the referee by tossing a coin. If the finals end in a tie, the superintendent will decide the champions.

Intrigued? You should be.

Registration for the qualifiers has already started and you can register via the official Red Bull Quicket – UAE events page. Four UAE qualifiers will take place between September and October, followed by the grand final at Nasma Central Park in Sharjah on October 8.

Red Bull Quicket UAE 2021 takes place with the support of Arada, the tournament sponsor and the lead developer behind Nasma Central Park.

Ray Tinston, Arada Events Director, said: “The Red Bull Quicket tournament has proven its popularity in the UAE since it was first introduced 10 years ago, and we are delighted to support the 2021 edition domestically at the start. of the winter season. We are also looking forward to hosting the final ranking at the recently opened Nasma Central Park and Community Center to entertain and engage our residents in events promoting an active and healthy lifestyle in the UAE. “


  • September 24: Ras Al Khaimah (Kerala Samajan Grounds)
  • September 25 – Ajman (Woodlem School)
  • October 1 – Dubai (Dulsco Sports Arena, Al Quoz)
  • October 2 – Dubai (Goltay Cricket Academy, Abu Hail)

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