Release Date, Predictions, SBCs and more

This year’s team will soon arrive for the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, but before then, EA has given us a new promo to lead into the main event.

The TOTY Warmup Series was unveiled in the latest FUT loading screen last night and it came out of nowhere!

So as more information is released throughout the day, stay up to date with all the latest news from the Team of the Year Warmup Series ahead of the launch with our live countdown.

Latest – Packages added to the game

For the first time in a while, the new event has not seen a lot of leaks before the release.

In fact, there is still a lot we do not know about the campaign, but this little bit of information can reveal a lot.

New packets added to the FUT code happen frequently and usually coincide with an upcoming event.

There’s a clear connection between all of these packages, and it looks like EA will be offering a lot of rewards to help players prepare for Team of the Year.

We think it is likely that these packages will be rewards for completing SBCs, where 81+ and 83+ may be repeatable challenges.

Release date

As shown on the loading screen, the Warmup Series campaign starts on Friday, January 14th at the usual time 13:00 ET / 18:00 GMT.

We expect the event to last for a week, which means the Team of the Year campaign will follow Friday, January 21st.

TOTY-confirmed schedule:

  • Friday, January 7th – Forward Nominee revealed
  • Saturday, January 8th – Midfield nominee revealed
  • Sunday, January 9th – Defense and goalkeeping nominees revealed
  • Monday, January 10th Voting begins
  • Friday, January 14th – Warmup Series begins
  • Monday, January 17th – Voting closes

Team of the year

This year’s Team event is a huge event in the FUT calendar as it will bring lots of new content to the game.

Not only is the community voting on their Ultimate XI from last year with football, but there will also be plenty of SBCs and goals to complete.

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TOTY Flashback and TOTY Moments are just two of the card types we’ve seen before, so we can not wait to see if EA has something new up its sleeve for FIFA 22.

There could also be TOTY Honorable Mentions again, rewarding those who have narrowly missed the final squad.

Warmup series

As with most promotions, the TOTY Warmup Series will likely also include lots of new targets and a few Squad Building Challenges!

We think it’s unlikely that there will be many playing cards included, instead it could focus on offering package rewards to prepare for Team of the Year.

LIVING LEGEND – Alves will go down as one of the best right-backs ever

If there are slots available to unlock, we can see TOTY Flashback and TOTY Moments cards lead us into this year’s most important Team of the Year event.

All TOTY Honorable Mentions players are extremely unlikely as voting on TOTY Ultimate XI is not over yet.

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