Resident Evil Netflix live-action teaser was pulled to tease something too soon

The first teaser trailer for the Resident Evil live-action Netflix series has appeared online. The trailer was released by Netflix, but was pulled – though not before fans grabbed it – as it reveals that the Resident Evil series is likely to have a zombie dog in it.

The live-action series Resident Evil, coming from Netflix, was unveiled back in 2019 and is reportedly based on the same continuity as either the Milla Jovovich movies or this month’s Welcome To Raccoon City reboot – none of which are particularly loved by critics. The series will feature eight one-hour episodes in its introductory season and may even be split into two time periods and locations.

The live-action show is completely separate from Other things Resident Evil Netflix series that debuted earlier this year in July – the CGI-animated Infinite Darkness, which actually takes place in the same continuity as the games and features Resident Evil 2 protagonists Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield hanging around the White House . T

There is still not much solid information about the live-action series, and the first teaser – as you can see below – is not really much help. It shows one of the series’ iconic zombie dogs walking out of the dark, barking a little, and then the new logo pops up. There’s not even a rough release date, so it’s a mystery why it was pulled – unless it was supposed to debut at the Game Awards this week, perhaps.

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As for Resident Evil in Games, Resident Evil Village has actually been nominated for a few things at the Game Awards – and we’ll hopefully hear more about the promised DLC at the event as well.

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