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WWE 2K22 is only a handful of months away from the title’s release date, but significant delays could finally make way for big news.

We have all the latest on WWE 2K22, the next big revelation, new leaks, release date and more.

Latest – Countdown to reveal WWE 2K22 is delicious

Although we do not have many details, all eyes are now on an upcoming WWE 2K22 unveiling with more information on the upcoming release.

WWE 2K22 is still expected to land in March 2022 with some big revelations in January, but the team at Visual Concepts seems to have something else planned before then.

We have more details here about when we expect the next revelation to land and what may come.

While these are not official yet, check out our latest WWE 2K22 leaks here to get an idea of ​​what we might already know about the game.

WWE 2K22 release date

While the game was confirmed as far back as April 2021, fans will have found themselves waiting almost a year when it is released.

After being delayed a few months ago, the WWE 2K22 release date will be March 2022, though they have stopped giving an exact day within the month of launch.

TABLE HEAD: Roman Reigns is sure to be one of the best in WWE 2K22

As WWE 2K20 faced significant launch issues, 2K Games took the massive step of canceling the planned WWE 2K21 release.

Instead of choosing to cancel WWE 2K22 altogether, the delay now gives them extra time in development to ensure things are put ahead of launch.

Reveal Trailer

The official WWE 2K22 unveiling trailer arrived on April 10, 2021 on the evening of WrestleMania 37.

The trailer can be seen above, and this early glimpse showed gameplay footage from a “work-in-progress build” with Rey Mysterio and Cesaro.

Another teaser was shared on August 21, 2021, which served to announce the title delay to March 2022, but it also showed several in-game footage.

We’ll hopefully get more footage when the big revelations take place in January 2022, and that should include the longest trailer yet with more glimpses in the game.

Cover Superstar

Exactly when we will get the news of the WWE 2K22 cover star is not known, but it may come in January 2022 when the release window approaches.

WWE 2K18 had Seth Rollins as the cover superstar. WWE 2K19 went with AJ Styles, and WWE 2K20 chose a dual-pairing with Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch.

With a mix of legends and rising stars in mind, here we took a look at some of the top candidates for WWE 2K22 cover star.

WWE 2K22 uses the same face scanning technology as NBA 2K22

As the news poured in about NBA 2K22, a behind-the-scenes video showing front-page athlete Dirk Nowitzki being scanned for the title revealed a resemblance to WWE 2K22.

The mobile multi-camera scanning rig shown for NBA 2K22 is the same as 2K Sports and Visual Concepts was seen using for Booker T during the development of WWE 2K22.

While it’s not exactly a surprise that the studio uses their technology across both titles, it’s still a good sign of the potential that WWE 2K22 has to deliver the most amazing game in the series’ history.

You can find more details here about that technology and what it might mean for WWE 2K22.

New features and game modes

One of the biggest questions about WWE 2K22 that remains unanswered is exactly what features and game modes it may have.

UNIVERSE OR GM: What game modes will WWE 2K22 give us?

Although nothing is official, Reddit Q&A with Patrick Gilmore provided plenty of great information on where their focus is under development.

In one of his responses, Gilmore provided these six pillars indicating their primary focus in the development of future games for the WWE 2K series.

  • Core games: makes superstar vs. superstar gameplay the best it’s ever been.
  • Arrival: utilization of physics and more generic object / environmental systems to enable spectacular gameplay that players feel in control of
  • WWEX (WWE Experience): delivers an end-to-end true WWE experience in every aspect of the game, from UI and wrapper, to superstars, battle types, and story modes.
  • Online: to enhance all aspects of the online experience.
  • Grade: make the most beautiful superstars ever.
  • Cabinet: Upgrade the creation pack and make our community creation tools feel like magic to use.

Unfortunately, this leaves things unclear as to whether fan-favorite GM Mode will return to the series, or how Universe Mode from the latest versions may look in the future.

Given the major shortcomings that hampered the release of WWE 2K20, it’s probably a good thing that 2K Games is focusing on these core components to ensure they deliver a comfortable and functional product with WWE 2K22.

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