Richarlison, Brazil’s troll-in-chief, is always looking for the last laugh against Argentina – The Athletic

Filled with adrenaline, they went head to head. They had already clashed in the first half. There was a lead on tackles.

Evertonians are used to Richarlison, known for his mischief, passion and spiky competitiveness, but earlier this month against Tottenham Hotspur, and in particular Cristian Romero, it seemed to have surfaced. The conflict felt personal. And that’s because it was.

For those familiar with the rivalry between Brazil and Argentina, South American neighbors and two of the world football giants, it may have come as no surprise; another flashpoint in a running, ever-spicier cross-border beef. But that Richarlison is the player taking on the role of troll-in-chief for the Selecao (and incarcerating an entire nation in the process) may be news to some of his European – and Merseyside-based – admirers.

Both the Everton and Brazil forward and the Tottenham and Argentina centre-back, Romero, ended that 0-0 draw on November 7 with a booking apiece after being right in the 69th minute.

It was generally a brief encounter, but Richarlison operated on two levels of aggression.

When it comes to Argentine football, it’s in need of a long makeover. A regular customer of Brazil, the 24-year-old has regularly tried out public mind games with representatives of his home country’s No. 1 regional rival.


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