Riot Games decides case on gender discrimination

Game developer reports it Riot games has agreed to a $ 100 million class action lawsuit against the company, a massive increase from the previously submitted $ 10 million settlement attempt that was rejected to let Riot go too easy.

The class action lawsuit came after huge success reports of sexism and abuse in Rio’s workplace. The settlement was approved by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing and will provide $ 80 million of the $ 100 million to female employees and contractors in the company and the remaining $ 20 million set aside for attorneys and such. Riot will also have to set aside $ 6 million a year for three years to adjust salaries as well as create new positions for contractors that are part of the class action lawsuit.

In a statement, Riot tries to show remorse for the past and move on: “While we are proud of how far we have come since 2018, we must also take responsibility for the past,” the statement read. “We hope this settlement recognizes those who had negative experiences in Riot and demonstrates our desire to lead by example to bring more accountability and equality to the gaming industry.”

In the end, it is a good thing that both parties reached an appropriate settlement, not only for the women who were wronged in the company, but also for those who see what the company is doing. Riot Games still makes hugely popular games, so it has a responsibility to put its best foot forward, so toxic workplaces have fewer places to hide. Let’s hope Activision Blizzard and Ubisoft follow suit.

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