Robert Griffin announces an all-encompassing book

Last week, Robert Griffin was in the news again.

This time, Griffin announced that he will be writing a comprehensive book revealing the dysfunction of the Washington Football franchise. His publisher said the book will describe “the shocking mismanagement and toxic culture within America’s most dysfunctional professional soccer team.”

Yes, there has undoubtedly been a lot of dysfunction within the Washington franchise and we witnessed it many times from the top leaders such as owner Daniel Snyder and team president Bruce Allen.

Yes, Griffin had a massive rookie season in 2012, completing 258 of 393 passes (65.6%) for 3200 yards, 20 touchdowns and just five interceptions. Griffin stunned fans with his 120 runs for 815 yards, seven touchdowns. leads the league, averaging 6.8 yards per carry.

Griffin promises to expose the WFT dysfunction. Does he mean he will also confess to his own dysfunction, like how he reacted to his backup Kirk Cousins ​​playing well in a win over Cleveland? Will Griffin detail how he stated after the 2012 season that he would never again perform that zone-read attack that brought him huge success? Will Robert record when as a pocket passer he was terrible, unable to pull the trigger and hit the open receivers in the field? Or when he blamed others after a loss but compared himself to Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers?

When Ryan Fitzpatrick went down in week one, Robert tweeted for Washington to make the call (to Griffin to return as QB). Griffin seemed delusional as if perhaps he didn’t yet understand how bad he was as a pocket passer, was released by Washington, Cleveland and Baltimore, who signed Griffin as backup in a style of offense he swore in 2013 to never again to run.

Oh, Griffin could write his book and try to expose everyone involved. However, isn’t too much known that in turn will also expose Robert Griffin?

Griffin continues to play the victim card if the truth is, property, administration and coaches repeatedly gave him chances and Robert didn’t come through for them nor his teammates in any season after 2012. Are fans and his teammates just going to forget the fact that he cost Washington first-round draft picks in 2012-2014, leaving the organization in serious thrall?

This can get fast and ugly. I can’t help but wonder if Robert Griffin to this day has a real sense of the vital role he himself played in that dysfunction?


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