Robert Griffin III writes Washington Football Team exposure

Get ready for one

Get ready for a “tell-all” about the Washington Football Team, courtesy of RG3.
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The book industry is booming, and Robert Griffin III jumps into the ring with his book, due out in August 2022, titled Survives Washington. Griffin must dish up his memory of all the dirt that went on behind the scenes during his time in the nation’s capital as a quarterback for the Washington Football Team.

Then we’re up and running again. Another book that describes all the dysfunction that happens around a unit in hopes of revealing “the truth.” Hopefully, Griffin brings some worldwide information that is not already public from the Washington Football Team scandals. Perhaps he has been able to access the rest of the 650,000 emails that the NFL does not want to be released from the WFT survey. Achieve it and now we have a tell EVERYTHING.

In his Twitter post, Griffin explains how he will reveal the truth about the culture of sexual harassment in the organization and “the power struggle between one of the most powerful coaches in all sports” and WFT owner Daniel Snyder. Now I think it’s clear that the coach in question here with all this power is Mike Shanahan. You know, the two-time Super Bowl winner head coach it have never wanted to draw Griffin initially.

This book will be from Griffin’s perspective in his words. It will be quite interesting to find out if Griffin’s memoirs are a real “tell all” and he does just that, including talking to and admits his own mistakes in how his The Washington experience unfolded during his three years in the organization. And to clear up any confusion about particular aspects of the book, RG3’s wife Grete took to Twitter to clarify.

One has to wonder if RG3 will really reveal its former boss and friend Snyder. Most people will wait to see how in-depth Griffin gets on Snyder specifically. We already know that Snyder has been directly implicated in the toxic behavior that permeated his franchise for a long time. As the owner of the team, it makes all this outrageous behavior happen on your watch, blaming you, whether you were directly involved or not.

Only time will tell if Griffin is willing to be completely straight about his time in Washington. I’m sure the message has some people nervous about what Robert will say in the book. We will soon find out if the book reveals what has not already been reported, or if it is a resumption of what the public already knows.


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