Rockstar remastered ‘Here we go again’ meme prior to the release of the GTA Trilogy

Prior to the release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition – which for the sake of simplicity we simply refer to as the GTA trilogy – Rockstar has thrown a bunch of new gifs and stickers on Giphy, “with some of the most iconic moments and images from all three new versions of these games. ” It’s a nice gesture for fans, but really just marketing: images and animations to remind old fans of their much-loved game from 20 years ago, which will hopefully push them to throw money at the updated editions.

But then we noticed something interesting: At the very top of the page is a very short clip of GTA: San Andreas leader CJ Johnson, a Grove Street OG who is alone and unarmed in enemy territory, dumped there by a corrupt cop with voice from none other than Samuel L. Jackson – the basis of the famous “Here we go again” meme.

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