Romain Le Dantec Wins 2021 World Series of Poker Europe €10,000 No-Limit Hold’em Six-Max Event

Romain Le Dantec is the last bracelet winner to be decided on the 2021 World Series of Poker Europe. The French player beat a field of 73 entries to emerge victorious in the €10,000 buy-in no-limit hold’em six-max event, earning €207,267 ($232,139) U.S. dollar) and his first piece of WSOP hardware like the champion.

Le Dantic made his first WSOP final table just a few days earlier, finishing fifth in the €1,100 ‘bounty hunter’ event for $20,054 U.S. dollar. Now he is a bracelet winner with over $310,000 in lifetime tournament money to his name.

In addition to the title and the money, Le Dantic also earned 420 card player Player of the Year points for the win. This was his second POY-qualified score of the year, which put him in the top 500 of 2021 POY race sponsored by Global Poker heading into the last few weeks of the year. He also insured 207 PokerGO tour ranking points for the win.

The final day of this event started with six players remaining, with three German players and three French players with a shot at the title. Sonny Franco was at the top of the standings to start, with Sirzat Hissou in second chip position and Le Dantic in third.

German poker pro and World Poker Tour main event winner Christopher Puetz fell first. He moved all in with Aclub suit9club suit and found himself risking the A . to seeHeart SuitQHeart Suit by Jacob Miegel. the Qclub suit10club suit6spade suit made it interesting, with Miegel improving to top pair, while Puetz pulled in the nut flush draw. the 3Heart Suit on the turn left Puetz who needs a club on the river. the 5spade suit didn’t help and he was eliminated in sixth place ($38,648 U.S. dollar).

Hissou lost much of his stack in one hand against Miegel and dropped to the bottom of the standings. He made a comeback with a quadruple up and a double up, but was unable to win his next all-in. He moved all in with A-6 and was called by both Le Dantic and Franco. The latter made a top pair with Q-10 that was fit to win the pot and narrow the field to four. Hissou got $51,043 U.S. dollar for his deep run in this event.

Bertrand Grospellier at the 2021 WSOPPoker triple crown winner Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier’s run in this event came to an end when his Adiamond suit10club suit could the 9. don’t beatHeart Suit7Heart Suit of a rising Miegel in a preflop showdown. Miegel flopped a gutshot and hit his straight on the turn, leaving Grospellier draw dead. The river was just a formality and Grospellier made $70,083 U.S. dollar for his last strong outing in the series. The two-time bracelet winner now has over $14.6 million in career tournament revenue, with over $4.3 million coming in WSOP events.

Miegel had the lead in three-handed action early on, but fell to the bottom of the chip counts as the game progressed. He ended up getting his last 7.5 or so big blinds preflop with 9spade suit9Heart Suit racing against the Qclub suit10spade suit from Le Dantic. The board touched Adiamond suitkspade suit10Heart Suit5club suit and Le Dantic improved to a winning pair of tens to eliminate Miegel in third place ($98,810 U.S. dollar).

With that, Le Dantic essentially leveled the stacks and started the heads-up battle for the bracelet against Franco. Le Dantic managed to pull back to the front before the final hand of the tournament was dealt. Le Dantic limped in from the button with Kdiamond suit10Heart Suit for 120,000 in total and Franco checked from the big blind with Jclub suit2club suit. The flop came down to KHeart SuitQclub suit3club suit and Franco checked with his flush draw. Le Dantic checked behind with top pair and the 9Heart Suit rolled off the deck on the turn. Franco checked again. Le Dantic bet 225,000 and Franco check-raised to 650,000. Le Dantic moved all in and Franco called with his flush draw and gutshot straight draw. The river was the Aspade suit, securing the pot and the title for Le Dantic. Franco made $143,468 U.S. dollar as a runner-up finisher.

Here’s a breakdown of the payouts and leaderboard points awarded at the final table:

Venue Player Income (U.S. dollar) POY Points PokerGO
1 Romain Le Dantec $232,139 420 207
2 Sonny Franco $143,468 350 128
3 Jakob Miegel $98,810 280 88
4 Bertrand Grospellier $70,083 210 63
5 Sirzat Hissou $51,043 175 46
6 Christopher Puetz $38,648 140 35

Winner photo via King’s Resort official Facebook page.


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