Sam Asghari is unhappy about his ‘Mr. Britney Spears’ profile in the New York Times

Britney Spears’s fiancee Sam Asghari isn’t happy with his New York Times profile, which should surprise exactly zero people reading it.

The model, fitness fanatic and aspiring actor, 27, responded to the piece, titled More Than Mr. Britney Spears, on social media apparently upset Monday night, it featured mentions of Spears’ conservatorship and their relationship.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNI - JULY 22: Britney Spears (L) and Sam Asghari arrive at the Sony Pictures' premiere

Sam Asghari is unhappy about his “Mr. Britney Spears” profile in the New York Times. (Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

“I’m always learning,” he wrote. “In this case, I was surprised to find that even the most reputable publication will break a written agreement. I have no hard feelings, it just belongs to the territory.”

He continued: “I have a lot of respect for ethical journalism and every other publication in six years has honored that same agreement that” [the] New York Times broke. Water under the bridge.”

(Screenshot: Sam Asghari via Instagram)

(Screenshot: Sam Asghari via Instagram)

His post had pictures of Pinocchio and Cartman from South Park saying ‘whatever’. It also had clear terms for doing the interview, stating that he could talk about being a personal trainer and actor, but the story “wouldn’t cover his fiancée or her conservatorship.”

The news channel sticks to the story, which was online on November 13 and in the style section the following day. They said they didn’t violate any agreement because they didn’t ask about Spears.

“Our coverage gives readers the necessary context to better understand Mr. Asghari,” a New York Times a spokesperson told Yahoo Entertainment. “There were no direct questions asked about Ms. Spears or the Conservatory, which we recognized in our story as a condition of awarding an interview to Mr. Asghari and it is not in violation of any agreement.”

There is much intrigue about the fitness buff, who dated Spears at such a pivotal time in her life that she finally managed to finish her music college. The couple got together in 2016 after she scooped up his spilled milk in her “Slumber Party” video. Having only made a handful of red carpet appearances, Spears fled one moments after getting out of the car, preferring to control what they share on social media — like workout videos and vacation photos.

While Asghari has been the focus of interviews, it’s always been about his workouts – although, yes, they do mention that he’s in a relationship with Spears. He didn’t say anything about the conservatory until he put Jamie Spears on edge in February. When the legal stranglehold was finally dismantled, he publicly supported the star’s legal victories, shook off a #FreeBritney shirt and flexed his muscles with his love – and new fiancé.

The NOW piece tried to get to the bottom of who Asghari is, making it clear that he “refused to acknowledge, by name or even oblique reference ‘Spears’ as a condition of allowing an interview.”

The profile has been called “clunky” and “destructive”– and it’s both on points. From the first line describing him as a “budding actor and former personal trainer” – you could tell it’s not a puff.

Although Asghari is seen as “very polite, personable and friendly”, this suggests that he has no real opinion on anything. “It was easy for me,” he said of leaving his mother and sisters in Tehran to move to the US with a father he hadn’t seen since he was a baby. “I find happiness in every job,” he replied when asked about his worst job, after rolling sushi and working at Best Buy. “I am closest to them all”, was his answer when asked which of his three sisters he has the strongest bond with.

There’s no mercy for his acting with his resume described as a string of “blink and you’ll miss it” roles — such as “a character credited as ‘Sexy Santa’ on a 2021 HBO Max series episode hacking. He appeared in a single scene.” You can’t help but feel it’s mocking as he is reported to only watch “performances, not shows” as an actor and lists recent favorites as “Hugh Jackman. I watch clips in which he acts. Jason Statham, I watch clips of him acting’, perhaps as if a full-length movie isn’t holding his attention.

It also focused on its subscription service, Asghari Fitness, noting that it has 1,000 subscribers who pay $9 a week for content — with the paper suggesting that the recipes and photos it send comes from other websites.

The most interesting parts, positive or negative, are about Asghari’s team. Much of the story is devoted to the overall characters of its publicist, Brandon Cohen, and creative director, Maxi.

For example, they understood that the interview had different start times; according to one of the timelines, a photographer who arrived just in time for the shoot was either 45 or 90 minutes late. At one point, Maxi stated that the hour-long interview would last 15 minutes.”

There is a long paragraph devoted to Maxi’s many interruptions during the interview. For example, how, while Asghari was “in the middle of a sentence,” Maxi “started dabbing his lips with a Baby Phat Pink Rose Gold Glitter Hydrogel Under-Eye Mask.” Maxi often answered questions to Asghari, “which Mr. Asghari did not agree with”, and every time after an interruption told the reporter to “delete, delete, delete” everything he said.

At another time, Maxi canceled a scheduled hook for the article – Asghari does stunt demonstrations – after learning that the interview had no video component, although there had never been a video component.

The article said: “On the suggestion that the essence of the stunts, as well as specific maneuvers, could be described in writing and then depicted by the reader, Maxi expressed strong doubt, ‘because I have a vivid imagination,’ he said, and ‘I can’t imagine’ – and his doubt meant the stunt demonstration was never attempted.”

There has been support and criticism for the profile on social media – and its timing is undoubtedly a factor. The profile, which portrayed Asghari as dull and his team chaotic, ran just a day after Spears’ conservatory finally ended — and in an outlet that’s been so influential in helping #FreeBritney.

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