Sami Zayn is the ‘Wile E. Coyote of WWE’

Poor Sami Zayn. You just can’t take a break.

The WWE resident cartoon character was caught up in calamity again this week as his best plans failed him. Every time you seem to have tricked your opponent or tricked WWE management into giving you what you want? It always ends up being counterproductive for him.

Having recently won a battle royal to earn a WWE universal title shot, Zayn was on top of the world.

Then everything fell apart.

After disrupting the opening promo for Brock Lesnar’s show on Friday night, Zayn was quickly put in his place. An annoying Beast decided that he had no patience and that he would not wait for his next opportunity against Roman Reigns and the blue belt.

Lesnar then went out of his way to ‘convince’ Zayn that the best thing for him would be to take his match with Reigns that night, rather than wait until the Day 1 event on January 1, 2020.

Despite Zayn trying to get out of the match, he finally found himself standing in the middle of the ring at the end of the night. But not by much.

Lesnar attacked him, hitting multiple suplexes and a pair of F-5s, leaving Zayn in a heap in the corner of the ring. After the Beast exited, the Tribal Chief arrived and finished off his already decimated challenger.

Such is the case with Sami Zayn. Every plan he presents and every trap he lays always seems to leave him with balls in his face.

Zayn’s comedy of errors reminds us of another scruffy star who never seemed to get it all right: Wile E. Coyote.

Like the Roadrunner, success has eluded Zayn recently. It gets in his face, beeps a couple of times, and then quickly runs away. It doesn’t matter what different devices in the plot you use to achieve your goal. It always blows up in your face. It’s almost as if you’ve been ordering all your strategies from The ACME Corporation.

In the end, though, that’s what makes both Zayn and his cartoon counterpart so entertaining and relatable, even as the bad guys. You get to sit back and see how they come up with a plan. Then laugh at them when they finally fall off the cliff. You almost feel sorry for them, because they seem so deep.

Zayn plays this goofy heel role in an incredible way. He’s not afraid to poke fun at himself to entertain fans, or arrogantly exaggerate, only to slip into a banana peel a few seconds later. He appreciates what entertains the audience and is happy to play the role.

While he has fallen short in his quest for the ultimate crown, who knows? Someday, he could possibly take the next step and become a world champion.

AND maybe… that coyote will finally catch that bird too someday.

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