One of the most influential rappers to ever step up to a mic might quit. In the latest episode of the Geto Boys Reloaded podcast, Scarface dropped the announcement that he will officially be stepping away from rap to explore some of his other creative endeavors. However, the rapper does not stop without saying goodbye to his fans. Scarface also revealed that he would be hosting a farewell concert to give his fans a proper closing.

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

“The nice thing about it is that I get to say goodbye twice,” he explained. “I can go out and say goodbye alone, and then I can say it with you.”

He added: “I said some good shit. I probably could never write like that again. But it’s a beautiful thing when you can express yourself with words and people fall in love with your ability to tell a story.”

While he may deviate from the rap game, that doesn’t mean he won’t dabble in other genres in the future. [I’m] done with the rap,” he added, per Hip-Hop Lately. “I want to do something else now…If I could, I’d love to take another job of music. Maybe blues or rock. Maybe alternative. I want to do something different now.”

Check out the episode below.