School-level sports –

Playing sports in my spare time?

No, that was never my thing!

He hated sports at school and was always happy when sporting events were canceled due to the rain.

When I was about 15 years old, I joined a gym with a focus on dance.

I did everything called fashion sports.

However, I never really developed a passion for one of these sports.

Then ZUMBA appeared on the course calendar, still completely unknown in Germany in 2009.

My first Zumba class as a participant was a disaster!

I couldn’t follow the steps at all and somehow struggled my way through this class.

But what I liked right away was the MUSIC!

And just for the music I came back.

Suddenly I was caught by the mix of this music, the movements, the party atmosphere of each class.

Today I am a Zumba instructor, for 9 years.

I also teach Zumba Kids and Zumba Gold. I can’t imagine my life without Zumba
and I can really say: I have found my passion!

(Simone Salewski)

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