Scottie Pippen believes that Michael Jordan was renewing his hold on LeBron James with the release of “The Last Dance”

Last spring saw the debut of the documentary “The Last Dance.” This ten-part series gave viewers an inside look at the 1997-98 Bulls, the final version of the great NBA dynasty. Fans, insiders, and onlookers got some perspective on not just the team as a whole, but also the players who were the sum of their parts.

Those on whom the documentary series focused, like Scottie Pippen, for example, may see everything differently. The renowned NBA legend opened up about how he saw the series. He believes it was Michael Jordan, the way his teammate renewed dominance over LeBron James.

“Michael (Jordan) was determined to show the current generation of fans that he was bigger than life in his day, and even bigger than LeBron James, the player many consider their equal, if not superior. So Michael presented his story, not the ‘Last Dance’ story, as our coach Phil Jackson announced the 1997-1998 season once it became apparent that the two Jerrys (owner Jerry Reinsdorf and general manager Jerry Krause ) they intended to break up in the gang no matter what happened. ”

Scottie pippen

In fairness, Pippen has voiced his complaints with the documentary series before. He said in a previous case that he felt the product was more about praising Jordan than evaluating the team that he was. Whether intended or not, the product showed how unique this team was and how things have changed over the years.

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Debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James

The debate over who is the best basketball player in history has raged for a while. Today, most will narrow it down between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. The main argument in favor of the first has to do with its achievements. For the latter, his belongs to his talent and longevity, among other things.

There are other contenders interested in the fight, but these two often dominate the conversation. Regardless of that, I think we should appreciate that talents like these came to the fore. Regardless of your position in the debate, you shouldn’t downplay what any of the players did or continue to do. With this being the 75th anniversary of the NBA, he asks us to remember and appreciate what each player brought to the game.

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