Serie A: heated clash between Cuadrado and Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus revealed

WWhen Juventus left the Champions League at the hands of Porto last season, images of Cristiano Ronaldo and Juan Cuadrado have surfaced in the documentary ‘All or Nothing: Juventus’, in which the pair have strong words to each other.

postage won 1-0 at the Allianz Stadium, giving an aggregate lead of 3-1. Something I didn’t like Ronaldo quite a lot and he couldn’t hide his displeasure from the rest of the Juventus side during rest.

Exchange between Cuadrado and Ronaldo

Ronaldo: “We have to work harder. What the f***! We haven’t played at all! Nothing!”

Square: “Do not worry”

Ronaldo: “We played crap, always!”

Square: “You must be an example for everyone”

Ronaldo: “I’m there too. We have to tell each other the truth, we played bad. This is a Champions League game, we have to have personality.”

Afterwards, Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo looks to calm things down: “That’s enough, let’s go. That’s enough, Cri. That’s enough, Juan. We must be calm and patient. We will continue in this spirit, but without quarrel, with the attitude of someone who wants to win.”

Juventus would eventually lose the tie 3-2 and Ronaldo would leave Turin to participate Manchester United at the end of the transfer window.


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