Sharon Draper sequel ‘Out of My Heart’ on child with cerebral palsy

Sharon Draper with her dog Cookie at her Florida home.

In her new novel for young readers, Ohio-born Sharon M. Draper returns to the intelligent, captivating 12-year-old Melody, who refuses to let her life be defined by her cerebral palsy.

“Out of My Heart,” out November 9, picks up Melody’s story after her dramatic experiences on her school’s quiz team in the first book, “Out of My Mind.”

Melody makes her wishes known through her talking computer named Elvira and persuades her family to send her to a camp in Ohio for disabled children. There she sleeps with other otherwise gifted girls and experiences things she has never done before: swimming, taking a boat trip and even horseback riding, a challenge for a girl who is in a wheelchair.

Ten years after the release of “Out of My Mind,” Draper said, her young readers “wanted to know what really happened to Melody.”

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