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Lynn Bowden Background

Lynn Bowden Jr is a junior at the University of Kentucky and is probably one of the most special players in Kentucky soccer history. Coming from Youngstown, Ohio, Lynn Bowden was a four-star athlete by most recruiting services, playing RB in his first season before switching to QB for his other three seasons. He was originally engaged to Indiana before Mark Stoops offered him a scholarship and he changed his engagement.

Freshmen Season

Lynn Bowden didn’t have the biggest arm coming out of high school, so Mark Stoops decided Lynn would be better off playing WR for the Wildcats. In his freshman season, he had flashes of greatness primarily by kicking returns in a game against Vanderbilt. In early November, Lynn would have three catches for 76 yards and two kick returns for 56 yards and a 28-yard average. He also showed off his ability to execute the wildcat (where you put your WR on QB to try to fool the defense) by throwing four passes for 92 yards. Lynn Bowden was still not satisfied with these statistics.

Second year season

Everyone had high hopes that Lynn Bowden would enter his sophomore season after displaying flashes of greatness in his freshman season. After a not-so-good first game against Central Michigan, he decided to perform against Florida. He was able to transport four passes for 79 yards and a touchdown, scoring his first collegiate touchdown. With this, he was able to break Kentucky’s long losing streak against Florida. Then, in a must-win game against Missouri, Lynn Bowden caught 13 passes for 166 yards and had two punt returns for 63 yards and a punt return touchdown to cut Missouri and help set up Kentucky’s winning series. In Kentucky’s last game against Penn State at the Citrus Bowl where both teams were competing for ten wins, Lynn Bowden struck again catching five passes for 84 yards and had a punt return touchdown.

Junior Season

Going into this season, Lynn was named WR1 by the Wildcats. In the second game of the season, Kentucky QB1 Terry Wilson was injured and had to undergo season-ending surgery. The next man, Sawyer Smith, was named the starter. In Lynn’s first game with Sawyer as his quarterback, he had seven receptions for 70 yards as Kentucky nearly beat Florida’s number 10. After three games, Sawyer Smith was injured. That meant Kentucky would have to make a decision, start the WR that QB played in high school, or QB3 Walker Wood. Kentucky settled on Lynn Bowden and did not disappoint in their first game against Arkansas. He had 24 carries for 196 yards and two touchdowns and threw for 78 yards and a touchdown, leading Kentucky to victory. When Kentucky played Missouri, he had 21 carries for 204 yards and two touchdowns with a big win at Kentucky. Perhaps his best game as a Wildcat was against Louisville, where he rushed for 284 yards on 22 attempts and four touchdowns, leading Kentucky to a 30-point beating of its rival. After leading Kentucky to a 7-5 season and going 5-2 as a starter, he announced that the bowl game against Virginia Tech would be his end and that he would go to the NFL. He wanted his last game to come out strong against a rushing defense that was in the top 15 in the nation. In Bud Foster’s last game, he rushed for 233 yards and two touchdowns, and even after being told all he could do is run, he threw a game-winning touchdown pass with 15 seconds left to Josh Ali to upset Josh Ali. the Virginia Tech Hokies. To say it came out with a bang is an understatement.

What’s next for Lynn Bowden?

Not many people know what Lynn Bowden will be in the NFL, but many scouts compare him to Saints player Taysom Hill. She’s a projected third-round pick and a lot of people think that with the right system, Lynn Bowden can become one of the most dynamic players in the league. Being able to play WR, run the wildcat, and kick / kick returns. I hope the NFL treats Lynn Bowden well and finds success at the next level.

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Jameson howard


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