Skyrim Anniversary Edition: what does it actually contain?

So what is Skyrim Anniversary Edition? No, it’s not some elaborate self-parody of Bethesda about its habit of re-releasing The Elder Scrolls V. It’s actually a new version of the long-running and ever-popular open world RPG of 2011 that Bethesda is launching for the game’s tenth anniversary. Bethesda calls it “the most definitive version of Skyrim to date”, which I suppose leaves us open to the very real possibility of a Skyrim Extra Special 15-Year Barrel Aged Edition five years from now.

In any case, Bethesda is launching The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition in November. Given the number of Skyrim versions that have already been released over the years, you will want to know exactly what this one contains to determine if it’s an upgrade worth buying. Here’s all we know about what the Skyrim Anniversary Edition will contain.

When is the release date for Skyrim Anniversary Edition?

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