Sony talks about PSVR2 and VR2 Sense controller, claims it is the “next generation of VR gaming”

Sony Interactive Entertainment has finally unveiled its next generation VR headset for CES 2022, giving consumers their first look PlayStation VR2 unit.

During the press conference, Sony revealed more details about the PS5 accessory, including info about the controllers you will need to navigate around the new VR setup, a new title designed specifically for the hardware and – perhaps most importantly – the specifications. Interestingly, an article on the PlayStation blog also notes that the PSVR 2 will have an incredibly simple setup that only requires a single cable to be connected directly to the PS5 console (much easier than the previous model).

PSVR2 will offer 4K HDR, 110-degree field of view with foveated reproduction. This enhanced optics will be delivered via OLED screen inside the headset, which will offer 2000 × 2040 resolution per. eye with a frame rate of 90 / 120hz. This should do even better for players who often feel a little sick during VR sessions.

The headset includes tracking inside and out thanks to integrated cameras built into the headset, so there is no need for an external camera to ‘anchor’ you when you play. The headset will also be able to track your eyes and respond to where you look, making things easier for you when you play and offset some of the infamous VR nausea (in theory).

The PSVR2 will also push Sony’s experiments in the 3D sound space. A new headset is the headline of the feature, which it notes has “a new sensory feature that amplifies the sensations of actions in the game from the player”. The goal is to make everything a little more immersive; increase the adrenaline in tense moments by pumping a character’s pulse past you. Something. And it will be achieved through built-in motors in the headset itself. Curious.

At CES, Sony also announced one of the first new games confirmed to run on next-generation headsets: Horizon Call of the Mountain, a spin-off from the Hoirzon series that is being developed jointly by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite Games (which PlayStation acquired in September last year).

No more specific details were given about Call of the Mountian: all we know is that it “will be built specifically for the PSVR2 and will open the doors for players to go deeper into the world of Horizon.”

Next, there are PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers, which we already knew a bit about. These new inputs will offer haptic feedback – a trademark feature available in the DualSense controller.

It is worth noting that much of the information that has been revealed here is consistent with a report that came on the internet last year claiming that the PSVR 2 is going on holiday in 2022 and will use OLED panels. Sony has not released a release for the hardware yet, but if this rumor is anything to go by, it will be in our hands before Christmas.

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