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WWE has continued to be in the news for negative reasons this year due to various waves of layoffs that have been going on in the company while profits are rising. The downstream effects it could have on WWE 2K22 and the playlist are hard to assess right now, but they are worth talking about as more and more wrestlers end up being unavailable to be on the official list.

Stadium creator was a long awaited feature that led to many people finally getting a chance to bring some fictional stadiums to life and recreate old versions of classics we have not been able to see in modern video games. That said, there is still a lot more that could be added to the stadium building feature of MLB The Show 22.

The WWE 2K games are partly known for their extensive list of legends. This time, there are some legitimate concerns with the size of the list that make us think of legends who have never appeared in a WWE 2K game.

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MXGP 2021 Gameplay VideosThe MXGP series from Milestone has been my favorite since starting back in 2014 with MXGP: The Official Video Game. But even as my favorite, I’m not blind to any of the issues and Milestone’s inability or unwillingness to make major improvements on an annual basis. With the MXGP franchise, it has always been about small steps forward, and sometimes a step or two back. Some years the release has been well received by both fans and the media, and other times both sides of the coin have been against some changes.

nfl clash reviewFrom Nifty Games, NFL Clash is a mobile game available on both Android and Apple devices. Targeted as a head-to-head game, the NFL Clash combines card trading with fast-paced simulation-based games, where the action on the court unfolds right before your eyes. With their acquisition of both the NFL and NFLPA licenses, Nifty Games bridges the gap between those who like control of traditional games like EA’s Madden franchise, and those who prefer to watch the action unfold in a simulation of a Football Manager form. . Like other mobile games, the success of the NFL Clash depends on its ability to keep players engaged, giving them variety in both gameplay and off-field activities. How well does the NFL Clash handle this? Well, let’s talk about it in this NFL Clash review.

NHL 22 HUT uniformsMost people who play the Hockey Ultimate Team in NHL 22 will always think about how they can best improve their lineup and become as formidable as possible, but there are some other considerations that should also be considered a top priority. Since it’s hard to play well if you do not look your best on the ice, it’s worth spending some time browsing the fashion’s many uniforms to find some that speak to you. Probably you are already familiar with all the uniforms from the NHL, and maybe you even have some awareness of what the NHL’s minor leagues (AHL, OHL, QMJHL) have to offer from a fashion standpoint. However, you will want to broaden your horizons even more to see if there are jerseys from international leagues that might match your own personal sense of style.

Konami and USLIn news that comes as a surprise to anyone who has been following eFootball 2022, Konami and the United States Soccer League (USL) have entered into a multi-year partnership. Raise your hand if you saw this coming. With its less than ideal release, eFootball 2022, which is almost a playable demo at the moment, has added the second tier of American football. For those unfamiliar with the USL, it is currently the second tier in the U.S. football hierarchy. Unlike its counterparts from across the pond, there is no promotion / relegation in the United States. Several USL clubs have folded over the years, while a few have taken advantage of Major League Soccer’s expansion to play their trade in MLS.

Avoid these plays in Madden 22Anyone who has ever dipped a toe in the water in competitive Madden 22 has probably done so. Wounded after a loss where you were unable to find a consistent offense, you found yourself on YouTube without even remembering how you navigated there. And before you know it, you’ve seen at least a dozen videos about offensive gambling that you can use from each playbook, which will allow you to find the end zone far more often. It really is a tale as old as time. In fact, every year there are always videos uploaded before the new Madden is officially released, making those interested aware of which plays best confuse the AI ​​and can lead to big wins or possibly even instant touchdowns.

Without a doubt, there is no shortage of courses to browse and play in the PGA Tour 2K21. Between the handful of real-life official courses that have been recreated in the game by developers, and the thousands and thousands that users have designed on their own, the options available are astounding. Whether they are real or fictional, most of these courses are the kind of long challenges that outside of a video game would greatly benefit from a golf cart so you can cross from one stroke and hole to another. Fortunately, there are some designers who have instead decided to focus on bringing a mini golf experience to the PGA Tour 2K21.

The future of NASCAR 21 ignitionRacing fans, and more importantly, NASCAR fans took another hit on the chin in what seems like an eternal battle with Mike Tyson in his prime with the release of NASCAR 21: Ignition. It was yet another release that makes us wonder what we did so wrong that the universe continues to punish us in ways that seem to be reserved for the worst type of people. Many would argue that we have not had a deep NASCAR racing experience since the release of NASCAR 06: Total Team Control by EA Sports, and I would be inclined to agree with them. Yes, NASCAR ’08 and ’09 had facets that were solid but were superficial in many other respects.

review of football manager 2022This is not the game for someone who is not ready to dive head first. There is a mobile / touch version for that. Instead, Football Manager 2022 is for those of us who want to know what it’s like to run a real club. Everything from match day to planning training sessions is under your control (or delegation if you choose), so stepping into this arena requires patience, time and a lot of reading. Before we get into the guts of this Football Manager 2022 review, let’s take a look at what’s new for 2022.

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