Start date and time of 9th inning program, predictions about new content

MLB The Show 21 rolls on with new content in the Diamond Dynasty, and the end of the World Series will soon bring the 9th Inning program.

We have everything you need to know about when the MLB The Show 21 9th Inning program should begin and what kind of new content could come.

MLB The Show 21: 9th Inning Program Start Date & Time

With only a few short days left to complete the 8th Inning program and win rewards by earning XP in the Diamond Dynasty, all eyes are on the next one.

With consistency from Sony San Diego since launch, we know exactly when we can expect the 9th Inning program in MLB The Show 21.

Release date and start time: Friday, November 12, 2021 at 12.00 PT (14:00 CT / 15: 00 ET)

Expected end date: Friday, December 10, 2021

Although there have been a few deviations, the standard length that Sony San Diego has adhered to for most of these Inning programs has only been four weeks.

PRESS THE BUTTON: New content is not far away in the Diamond Dynasty

They stuck to it with the latest as the 8th Inning program is due to end its 4-week duration this Friday.

Although we could see these last few Inning programs extended, we now still expect the 9th Inning program to last only four weeks before there will be room for the 10th Inning program.

We also know, as confirmed by the above schedule in the game from MLB The Show 21, that the “Push the Button” stream, which reveals details of the 9th Inning Program, will be streamed on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook just half an hour before the program goes live in the diamond dynasty.

Predictions about new content in the 9th round

Although we lack details, we generally know what types of content are coming, starting with a new Conquest Map, which will give extra XP to the program when it’s done.

They are also planning a new Classics Choice Pack, which could include a lot of excellent player options from the past, but all eyes tend to go to the upcoming bosses.

ULTIMATE CONQUERING: More cards should arrive with the 9th Inning program

With MLB The Show 21 and Diamond Dynasty solid in the late game now, we can almost guarantee that these three new 9. Inning Bosses will be on 99 OVR cards.

Exactly who gets chosen is always hard to predict, as many of the names of the greatest legends have already been thrown out at this point, but Sony San Diego probably still has some tricks up its sleeve.

While the Bosses do not always reflect the current game, it would not be surprising for one or more of the trio to be a player who dominated during the World Series or Postseason.

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