Stephen Amell Tells Users Of Popular Arrow Meme To ‘Kindly F—Off’

Stephen Amell expresses his distaste for the popular Arrow meme which uses a photo of Grant Gustin from The Flash standing over Oliver Queen’s grave.

Stephen Amell shared some harsh words for fans of the popular Arrowverse meme reusing his grave Arrow character, Oliver Queen.

The meme started with a behind-the-scenes photo of The flash star Grant Gustin throwing up a peace sign over Oliver Queen’s grave from season eight and final of Arrow. After the photo first appeared online, it immediately gained traction as a meme, with users usually substituting Oliver’s name on the grave and captioning Gustin to produce some hilarious results. Most recently, Twitter user Mike Williams shared a version of the meme in which the Twitter platform flashes the peace sign over the grave of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, all of which had a temporary outage on Oct. 4. Amell retweeted the meme to his distaste, writing, “Can anyone who reuses this photo be kind enough to fuck off.”

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In the past, the long time Arrow star expressed an affinity for Arrowverse memes, often sharing photos poking fun at the CW’s DC superhero multiverse. During part of ArrowIn the 170-episode run, Amell even led the charge; on “Meme Mondays,” the actor posted photos of himself and his castmates and encouraged his followers to add the funniest captions they could muster.

However, the death of Oliver Queen proved to be a sensitive subject for the actor. At the annual Arrowverse crossover of the CW series “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” which took place during some of ArrowIn the closing episodes of the final episodes, the Green Arrow sacrificed himself to save his fellow heroes and the multiverse at large while confronting the evil Anti-Monitor. After appearing in the series finale one last time, Amell Arrow a bittersweet goodbye, indicating that he was content to step away from the CW’s superhero conglomerate after playing his part for the better part of eight years.

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However, when the CW later attempted to rename the Arrowverse to “the CWverse,” Amell spoke out against the change while appearing as a guest on Michael Rosenbaum’s “Inside of You” podcast. He said with a laugh, “That pissed me off.” On another episode of the podcast, Amell said he had some issues with the way his death scene was prepped and intercalated during the show’s filming schedule.

“I don’t blame anyone for this, but this is a scene with me from Arrow, which takes place on Supergirl with a Supergirl crew with demands on both Grant and Caity Lotz who are on Flash and Legends and who have a different schedule than the crossover because they shoot different things and they try to pull them out so they, Flash and Legends, don’t mess up their day the next day,” Amell said. “Meanwhile, the damn Green Arrow is on a stretcher trying to deliver his sights on something other than a damn tennis ball.”

In the same episode, Amell discussed how his closing work Arrow left him physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. He even had a panic attack during the recording of the podcast, but later returned after recovering for a vigorous discussion about mental health. Following the conclusion of ArrowAmell has returned to acting and is currently starring in Starz’ professional wrestling drama Chop. He and his cousin Robbie Amell are also getting ready to work on Code 8: Part II, a Netflix sequel series to the duo’s 2019 sci-fi/crime thriller, Code 8.

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