Super Planets ZIO and the Magic Scrolls is an upcoming RPG that is open for pre-registration now

Based on the popular Korean webtoon of the same name, Zio and the Magic scrolls is an automated fighting game with five heroes and Magic scrolls. This AFK RPG lets the player use skills automatically, plan strategies and embark on an adventure to collect the necessary magic scrolls.

The story takes place in a future created after a bloody war between Mages and Warlocks. Our main character, Zio, manages to shut the strongest wizard away and put an end to the war. But in the process, he ends up losing most of his magical powers. Currently, he only has the ability to make magic scrolls that allow even ordinary people to harness and harness the power of magic. Now it’s up to the player, you and me, to protect the peace of the planet.

In addition to the main purpose, there is also a mystery surrounding our ordinary but extraordinary protagonist Zio. Formerly an Archmage, but now a regular roller dealer. What is Zio’s true identity? It’s up to you to find out!


You can gather different heroes to help you on your journey. From wizards to archmasters to demons, you are spoiled for choice. The game also has a unique feature where heroes who do not participate directly in battle can also support the team by registering as supporters, giving players more reason to gather all the characters. If for some reason you still need more incentive, the game rewards you with additional abilities as you complete a hero collection!

Not only is the gameplay fun, but it also features some amazing world building. Our search takes place on the mysterious planet Naptel, created by blood, flesh and tears from both gods and demons. Here, in a country called Aerok, our story begins. The ongoing chaos in the battle between humans, demons and archmasters gave rise to terrible creatures, which we must now defeat with the help of Zio and his scrolls. There are a total of four chapters and 22 episodes that you can explore in this world, with separate hidden episodes also for the heroes.

You can now pre-register to be a part of this magical journey on Google play. Upon pre-registration, the game will be automatically downloaded on the day of release. So do not be afraid, join Zio to become a hero and save the world!

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