Super Replay | Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Episode III

Not so long ago, in the same galaxy we all live in, Respawn Entertainment deviated from its first-person shooter roots to create Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This third-person action game was the studio’s first plug to tackle the coveted Star Wars license, and created an original adventure that takes place five years after Sithens revenge. It stars Cal Kestis, a padawan who became a junker (played by Shameless star Cameron Monaghan), who managed to escape the Jedi purge of Order 66. After being ousted by the Sith, he embarks on a quest to find an artifact capable of locating power-sensitive children , while avoiding being captured by the Inquisitors, who are elite Jedi hunters.

The game offers a mix of lightsaber combat and a range of Force abilities. Inspired by FromSoftware’s Soul series, encounters are challenging and require a strategic mix of blocks and pairings to surpass opponents. Meanwhile, the various planets take a Metroid-inspired progression, with players unlocking abilities to return to previously inaccessible areas.

The Fallen Order was released on November 15, 2019 and was a critical and financial success. It also served as a saving grace for single-player fans, providing evidence to an increasingly multiplayer-focused EA that linear story-driven experiences can still make the big bucks. With a sequel reportedly on the way, we’re visiting this gem from the Star Wars video game pantheon again.

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