Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have a COVID toe, but here’s his foot for a reason

Aaron Rodgers could have left theThe little pigs in home.Screenshot: Packers After being out of practice for several days last week with an unspecified injury to his little finger, Aaron Rodgers walked out halfway through the game against the Vikings when it became “very painful.” Then yesterday, Rodgers made another appearance on the Pat McAfee … Read more

If Devin Hester is a HOFer, so is Cordarrelle Patterson

Cordarrelle PattersonPhoto: fake images Devin Hester is the greatest comeback man of all time. I don’t think it’s a very controversial opinion. Sure, some people may disagree, but overall, I imagine most people will agree or understand how you might think he is. Hester was named for both the NFL Hall of Fame All-2000s and … Read more

Browns fans finally realize that Baker Mayfield is mediocre

Pictured: A midfield quarterback.Picture: Getty Images After being hailed in the Browns’ 13-10 home win over the Detroit Lions, Baker Mayfield is steadily losing in Cleveland. I say goodbye to the members of Dawg Pound who have finally woken up to see Mayfield for who he is. He is a average NFL quarterback, nothing more, … Read more

Darryl Sutters Calgary Flames are the surprise team in the NHL

So far, Calgary has been the surprise of the NHL season.Picture: Getty Images Just by looking at him, and certainly when you hear him speak, it’s easy to dismiss Darryl Sutter as the grip of old-school NHL coaches. Throw in the fact that he was no more than a bottom-six grinder in his playing career … Read more

Mac Jones, Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields

2. Trevor Lawrence Picture: Getty Images Another convincing loss for Jacksonville at home to the 49ers, 30-10. Lawrence has looked like a QB below average for most of the season, but he had zero INTs in this game, which is always a good thing. There is not a wealth of talent around Trevor at this … Read more

Texans, Seahawks, Bears, Jets, Jaguars, Lions

1. Detroit Lions Image: fake images Of course, the Lions are the most powerless team in the NFL in Week 11. Although they did fight the Cleveland Browns, they still haven’t won a game and are down to 0-9-1. Come on Detroit, I know you have at least one win this year, although it should … Read more

Bears coach Matt Nagy’s days told after another loss

It will all be over soon, Matt.Image: fake images When you’re a fan of a team, you can’t really identify any threshold or benchmark before you know that a coach will be fired. You can say before a season that this record would not be good enough, but you can never be sure, especially when … Read more