Nets Blake Griffin Overwhelmed by Banking

Blake Griffin (r., with crazy facial expression)Photo: Getty Images Former No. 1 overall pick and slam dunk champion Blake Griffin was recently shaken awake when he was not only benched by head coach Steve Nash, but also removed from the Nets’ rotation altogether. LaMarcus Aldridge will definitely appear to have more in the tank than … Read more

Who is the Dark House Super Bowl challenger?

Photo: Getty Images As for the Super Bowl dark horses, this is 5:30 pm after summer time. They are a .500 team that is currently sixth seeded after a 38-31 loss to the Buccaneers at home. They have also been battling injuries all season. Linebacker Darius Leonard has struggled with an ankle injury all year, … Read more

Matthew Stafford would never be able to repair the Rams

That’s who Matthew Stafford is.Illustration: Getty Images In some ways, NFL teams and fan bases can be a lot like the friend you have who makes terrible romantic choices. No matter how many times you explain to them that no, they can not “correct” that person or “save” them, then they are still trying. And … Read more

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is for my college football team to be good.

Image: fake images The idea of ​​reverting to a previous dominant form is the antithesis of moving on. Looking back and chasing past eras, schools like USC, Miami, Nebraska, and others are envisioning proficiency levels that are extremely rare and difficult to replicate, or in some cases * cough * Texas * cough * didn’t … Read more

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is my college football team is good

Image: Getty Images The idea of ​​going back to a previous, dominant form is at odds with moving forward. By looking back and chasing old eras, schools like USC, Miami, Nebraska and others envision levels of dominance that are extremely rare and difficult to replicate – or in some cases *cough* Texas *cough* did not … Read more

Jason Garrett is out and the Giants are a mess

Ex of giants OC Jason Garrett needs a new job.Image: fake images Last night the Bucs and giants concluded week 11 of the NFL season. Unsurprisingly, the Bucs came out with victory for a final of 30-10. This marked the 21st straight game in which the Giants failed to score 30 or more points. Even … Read more

The special things in sports we’re thankful for

Image: fake images It is very easy to take sides when something terrible happens. Especially in this world of 2021 that is becoming more polarized every day. On the one hand, we are willing to dismiss anyone who does something wrong. Sometimes it is despicable, sometimes it is a regrettable mistake, sometimes it is sheer … Read more

Texans, Seahawks, Bears, Jets, Jaguars, Lions

1. Detroit Lions Image: fake images Of course, the Lions are the most powerless team in the NFL in Week 11. Although they did fight the Cleveland Browns, they still haven’t won a game and are down to 0-9-1. Come on Detroit, I know you have at least one win this year, although it should … Read more

Deron Williams marvels at Chris Paul’s longevity

While his contemporaries fall by the wayside, Chris Paul just keeps going.Image: Getty Images Once upon a time, Deron Williams was seen as a top-five NBA point guard alongside draft classmate Chris Paul. Now Williams is retired and admits that he is a little jealous of Paul and that he is still playing at such … Read more

Duke’s win over Kentucky kicks off Coach K’s farewell tour

Will it point the way to a sixth and final title?Image: fake images College basketball is back in all its glory. Opening night saw No. 17 Ohio State getting SO close to dropping one to Akron, Navy beat No. 25 Virginia out of nowhere, and a fun top-10 showdown between No. 10 Kentucky and No. … Read more