Teardown part two is out now and completing its campaign

Teardown is perhaps my favorite game from the last few years, and today it smashed through another wall on its way to completion. The latest update adds “Part 2”, completing its campaign by adding new missions and maps – as well as robots and mod tools.

Here is a trailer for the update:

Doesn’t it look incredible? Teardown is a robbery that takes place in a completely destructive world. On each mission, you freely smash holes through walls, ceilings, floors until you have a quick route between all the things you need to steal. Then you grab the first object, trigger an alarm and have sixty seconds to use your smashed paths to quickly escape.

And now it has the lovely trampling robots trying to stop you, a tornado, and what looks like an increasingly ambitious and beautiful level design.

Part of Teardown is its community-made maps, and the new update also adds new mod functionality so creators can make use of the new pathfinding system and even create their own robots. All of this forms version 0.9, where the next steps are 1.0 and make the game ready to leave early access.

If you do not yet own Teardown and feel that a complete campaign is the time to fix it, there is currently a 20% discount on Steam and £ 14.79 / € 16. Or if you need more convincing, check out my Teardown review, find it on our list of favorite games from 2020, or read Alex’s explanation of how it was made.

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