Tech’s Todd Stansbury Confirms Geoff Collins Is Returning For Season Four

He also mentioned the number of close defeats the Jackets have suffered this season. The Jackets, who go into their final game of the season on Saturday against No. 1 Georgia with a record of 3-8, have had six defeats in which they tied or took the lead in the fourth quarter.

“Between offense and defense and special teams, we need to narrow that gap,” said Stansbury. “And if we can do that with 10 points, you’re looking at a completely different season. Where Coach calls in on what we need to do, we need to do to close that gap, and it’s my job as the athletic director to give him and our players the tools they need to be successful in doing that.”

Over three seasons, Collins has a 9-24 record, a win rate (0.273) that is the lowest in school history for a full-time coach. With a loss to the Bulldogs, Collins would have three seasons of three wins to begin his technical tenure.

As the Jackets season has turned south – they are on a five-game losing streak, including a 55-point loss at Notre Dame on Saturday – the heat has increased on Collins and fan disapproval, although he assumed that the chances of Stansbury being fired were slim. However, the possibility of replacing assistant coaches, including coordinators, seems a given.

Stansbury’s decision won’t be well received by some, if not a large proportion of Tech fans. And the fact that Stansbury joined Collins more closely links his job security to his coach’s success.

He seemed well aware of fans’ displeasure with Collins. He spoke about the importance of stability for long-term success. Collins is now entering his fourth season with much higher expectations with his athletic director tied to him.

“I know he’s going to look at what we need to do, where we’re falling short, where there are gaps in what we’re doing and we’re going to work together to fix those things,” Stansbury said. said.

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