Texans just waiting for Tyrod Taylor to recover

(Photo by Bryan M. Bennett / Getty Images)

The Houston Texans are a bad football team.

There is no fancy way to put it.

The team was just destroyed by the Buffalo Bills in Week 4 by a final score of 40-0.

So what changed for the Texans after a victory in Week 1?

Tyrod Taylor has been out with injury since the second half of the Week 2 game at Cleveland.

Rookie Davis Mills has been under center ever since and the results have been disastrous.

However, for now, Texans have no plans to make any changes.

They’re just waiting for Taylor to come back.

Mills now has to figure it out or lose all his confidence within a month.

An Awful Week 4 Showing

Mills is a 2021 third-round pick who wasn’t supposed to play this season.

But Taylor fell in Week 2 and Mills has gone on to play tough teams in the Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers and Buffalo Bills.

That stretch of games is tough for any quarterback, let alone a rookie.

However, Sunday was hard to see.

Mills threw four interceptions and finished 11/21 for 87 yards.

His QBR for the day was 0.8.

Things weren’t much better on the ground as the Texans finished with a total of 48 rushing yards on 18 attempts.

David Johnson finished with 21 yards on five carries while the ghost of Bill O’Brien still haunts the franchise.

Waiting for taylor

The Texans could easily bring in another quarterback just to give Mills a break.

However, they hope Taylor can return in the coming weeks to at least get the offense competent again.

The strangest thing about this whole situation is the fact that the Texans still have Deshaun Watson on the roster.

Taylor is hurt, Mills is being destroyed, and Watson gets millions of dollars for doing nothing.

It is a terrible situation for the players and the fans.

Mills gets the toughest draw here and it’s impossible to think the team is going to play inspired with him in center.

He’s just not ready and lacks the experience Taylor has to navigate a bad team.

Next up is a home game against the New England Patriots, who nearly beat the defending champs.

Texans fans can’t be overconfident considering the team scored nine points in Week 3 and was shut out last Sunday.

Bill Belichick just limited the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense, led by Tom Brady, to 19 points.

The Texans may not even be able to move the ball in that meeting.

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