The best Switch Joy-Con finally gets hold of TV playback

Hori Split Pad Pro Zion
Photo: Nintendo Life / Zion Grassl

We’ve had some heated conversations in NL Towers over the years about the subject of Nintendo’s Switch Joy-Con controllers. They have cool HD rumble, precise motion sensors, they are ingenious and clever in their use, either clipped on the switch or as wireless controllers. But, they are no doubt also flimsy and have disappointing analog sticks. Mileage varies from player to player, but this writer has had enough crooked Joy-Con analog sticks to have a right burning view of them.

Thank God, so for Hori Split Pad Pro. It has none of the cool stuff from Joy-Con controllers, but it has damn good sticks (along with a proper D-Pad) and is comfortable to use – perfect for handheld players who are not bothered by rumble and all the jazz. That said, the complete lack of wireless technology in the controllers means they only work for one of the Switch’s three play configurations, which is a shame.

It’s years ago, but Hori finally fixes it and confirms that it will launch a Grip for the controllers that supports docked Switch-play and also PC. Apparently it will also have a headphone jack and even support for voice chat, but the latter is no doubt there to cater for those who want to use it for PC games.

Hori Split Pad Pro GAV MAGIC
Image: Hori / Nintendo Life

Like some other third-party controllers, it looks like it will only be wired, which is not surprising, but it should be remembered. So it will be wired and of course still will not have rumble, motion controls, etc. What it wants are ingenious analog sticks and button inputs, which is handy though.

Tell us if you’re a Hori Split Pad Pro converter and want to try one of these grips for your Switch.


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