The Boys Artist shares a fan commission deemed ‘too rude’ for the buyer

Russ Braun shares a rejected fan art commission showing off The Boys and a certain hamster named Jamie of not-so-clean parentage.

Artist Russ Braun, who composed several songs from the boys, shared a glimpse of a commission he signed for a fan who was ironically deemed too rude to include a particular infamous hamster.

“Remembered this commission, was considered ‘too rude’ for inclusion of Jamie the Hamster (didn’t they read the book?),” Braun tweeted. “Got to a nice house anyway!”

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The black and white committee includes all the principal members of The Boys, including Butcher and his bulldog, Terror, Wee Hughie, Mother’s Milk, the Female and the Frenchman. In the lower right corner of the image, the female can be seen holding Jamie the Hamster, a rodent of filthy origin, even for The boys.

Jamie, who was originally called Herbie, first appeared in the boys #6, as the Boys battled the young superhero team Teenage Kix. After Wee Hughie accidentally punched a hole through Blarney Cock and stared at the dead Supe’s corpse, gasping at the thought of killing a man with the power bestowed on him by the serum of Compound V, a hamster wriggled out of the lower regions of Blarney Cock. “The poor little man,” as Hughie put it, was stuck in Blarney Cock’s rectum. Hugie felt sorry for the harmed rodent, adopted him as a pet and gave him a new name.

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Hughie would once again battle a reincarnated but brain-dead Blarney Cock the boys #18. Blarney stormed into Hughie’s apartment, tried to take his hamster back, and the couple got into an argument – which led to Hughie killing the animal-abusing Supe a second time by breaking his neck.

Ironically, Jamie the Hamster would survive many characters in the boys, appearing for the last time in issue 72, the series finale. There, Hughie’s little friend seemed plump and happy, with his dark days of entering human orifices far behind him.

Written by Garth Ennis and co-created and illustrated by Darick Robertson, the boys ran from 2006 to 2012. Russ Braun illustrated Issues #44-51, as well as Issues #56-71. The hyper-violent series has since been adapted into a hugely successful Amazon Prime live-action show that will run for two seasons, with a third season on the way. So far, the show hasn’t portrayed the comic’s teenage heroes — meaning the judges still don’t know whether Blarney Cock and his poor hamster will be realized on the small screen.

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