The Horizon Forbidden West Trailer focuses on the cultures of its tribes

Horizon Forbidden West’s new west coast environment is not only inhabited by fearsome new machines. Aloy will also encounter tribes and cultures, some friends and some enemies. Guerrilla Games released a video that reintroduced players to well-known tribes like Oseram, Utaru and Tenakth, giving an overview of their culture and status in this region of the country.

We see Utaru, a culture in harmony with nature, singing songs in an attempt to heal their land from depravity. At the back, the battle-hardened Tenakth, which is divided into three clans, acts as the dominant tribe in the Forbidden West. One of these clans is Regalla, the rebel faction shown in previous trailers that are at war with their other clan people. As strong as Tenakth is, the trailer suggests rumors of an even stronger group living on the outside of the Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West launches on February 18 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. This is also the cover story of the month, so be sure to visit our dedicated hub (embedded below) for exclusive news on the game’s opening hours, its new machines and never-before-seen screenshots. Sony also announced a new Horizon game, Call of the Mountain, which is being developed exclusively for its newly unveiled PlayStation VR2. Read all about it here.

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