The killer is revealed and the fate of Marvel Magic is determined in the stunning conclusion of ‘Death of Doctor Strange’

The Marvel Universe is on the brink of destruction and the deadly new trio of villains, the Three Mothers and their master, the Peregrine Child, are about to claim victory. Will Strange’s killer have the last laugh? It all comes down to one last trick from the young, time-traveling Doctor Strange. Now signed as an exclusive writer for Marvel Comics, MacKay promises that this latest chapter will open the door to an exciting future for Doctor Strange and Marvel’s magical heroes.

“THE DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE will end on #5, but the ending will be the beginning of a whole new series of stories about the magical side of the Marvel Universe,” MacKay said. “The ups and downs of being five – the month-long run has been a treasure to work on, but the folks at Marvel have been filling my pockets with more exciting projects to come on pike in the future, so keep us in the loop holes!”

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