The kiss of the death? League experts choose the Vikings to win

November 4, 2018; Minneapolis, MN, United States; Minnesota Vikings defensive end Danielle Hunter (99) celebrates after a sack during the fourth quarter against the Detroit Lions at US Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota doesn’t do well when it meets expectations. Anyone who has followed the team for a period of time must understand this reality. Well, the expectation is that we win our Week 5 game against Detroit. League pundits appear to be targeting the Vikings for their second win of the season.

If you go to, you will find some of these projections mentioned above. Here’s Gregg Rosenthal from “It’s one thing to be less talented than the rest of the league. It’s another thing to have that little talent and then become one of the most injury-plagued teams in football, like Detroit has done. The Minnesota Kryptonite appears to be an effective passing run, but that’s not a concern in this game. Jared Goff will be in position for many yards trying to catch up.

In fact, as we pointed out yesterday, the Lions are a talent-hungry team, so injuries to big players really put them behind the sticks. It’s no wonder, then, that league experts are working with the Vikings. At the end of the article, there is a succinct summary of which team the site’s writers / experts chose. Only one person out of nine ESPN tipsters chose the Lions. Everyone else from ESPN, CBS, The Athletic and MMQB chose the Vikes.

Jump to Viking territory to see what the purple writers think will happen. This partial crowd (including its humble author) is almost exclusively picking Minnesota to win. The only dissenter is Mr. Bob Sansevere, who has Detroit winning a close game. Let’s hope Mr. Sansevere is wrong in this case.

This is where I am, folks. Hope Minnesota wins? In fact, I do. Minnesota’s three losses have been by a total of 11 points. We’ve been to every game we’ve lost, and Detroit is easily the worst team we’ve ever faced. Even after taking into account the expectations of the league experts and the divisive rival factor, I expect our Vikings to win the game. Also, I hope they do so decisively.

Let’s get that running game going as we take a step toward .500.

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