The Panthers split with Joe Brady

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Goodbye has literally arrived at the Panthers.

On the only week of the regular season where there is no Panthers game, the team has announced that it has parted ways with offensive coordinator Joe Brady.

“I met with Joe this morning and informed him that I have decided to make a change,” said coach Matt Rhule. “I am very grateful to him for his time and effort in helping us establish ourselves over the last year and a half.”

Senior offensive assistant Jeff Nixon replaces Brady in the last five games of the season.

Brady arrived with great fanfare, employed as part of Rhule’s original staff. However, the Panthers have fought offensively, with Brady’s attack not being at the forefront of the opposing defense and / or its own tendencies and telling.

It is also possible, if not likely, that Brady did not click with Cam Newton if his return to the team has created excitement and ticket sales, but two disappointing losses following a disruption by the Cardinals. Last week, Newton did poorly against the Dolphins.

Considering that it took a whole week before the change happened, it suggests that there is much more to the story. It also suggests that there is a level of impatience in Charlotte – likely stemming from owner David Tepper – that could lead to other changes as he tries to make his team a consistent challenger.

As one league source predicted when he heard the news, “Next head coach.”

Stick around. We are only five weeks from the end of the regular season.

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