The Philadelphia Eagles keep QBs apart in the middle of the COVID-19 climb

PHILADELPHIA – The Eagles are keeping quarterbacks Jalen Hurts, Gardner Minshew and Reid Sinnett in separate rooms at the NovaCare Complex amid the rise in coronavirus cases across the country and the NFL, coach Nick Sirianni said.

“We’re going to make some adjustments. I’m not 100% there yet because I do not have to be completely sure that the players are not back yet, but we will definitely make even more adjustments than we just have to keep all secure, “he said. “Quarterbacks will be in separate rooms. We want to be even more confident that they are in separate rooms.”

The Eagles’ quarterback meetings are now completely virtual. It not only keeps quarterbacks apart, but also Sirianni and offensive coordinator Shane Steichen – the offensive playcallers – in separate rooms.

All three quarterbacks will continue to participate in training.

The Eagles (8-7) play on the Washington Football Team on Sunday (13.00 ET, Fox). It is the second match between these two teams in 12 days after their first meeting was moved from Sunday to Tuesday, December 21 after a COVID-19 outbreak with Washington. Garrett Gilbert got the start of that game with starter Taylor Heinicke and backup Kyle Allen on the reserve / COVID-19 list. The Eagles won 27-17, and after beating the New York Giants on Sunday, they now have a 65% chance of reaching the playoffs.

Washington, meanwhile, has only a 6% chance of qualifying for the off-season after losing three in a row.

The Eagles currently have eight players on the reserve / COVID-19 list, including defensive end Derek Barnett, Ryan Kerrigan and Tarron Jackson. Philadelphia began implementing more intensive protocols a few weeks ago as the number of cases throughout the league began to tick up, including holding team meetings in the practice bubble as opposed to the smaller auditorium and switching certain meeting rooms to allow for more social distancing.

Separating quarterbacks is the latest step in trying to keep the team as healthy as possible.

“I talked to a couple of other head coaches and tried to figure out what they’re doing because we all know it – to win this match this week, we need all hands on deck,” said Sirianni. “So what’s the best approach? And of course, we’ll talk to our doctors and our coaches to find out the best course of attack.”


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