The Ramp: Three things to know about the minimalist skater

Super simple design

A few beautiful things about The Ramp are that; not only is it fun to play, but its design is about as simple as it gets. What makes this great is that it does not take up space on your phone or tablet. The graphics are also still solid, so there is a balance between minimal, but with nice graphics and colors.

As we know, some games can warm up mobile devices if the settings are too high or if the game is just too powerful to handle. It’s the same with console and pc games. It’s all fun and games until you quickly run out of space, and you have to delete games regularly just to make room.

That’s the beauty of mobile games like The Ramp. And you should be able to play it on most devices so you do not have to use the latest phone or tablet to enjoy the game. It’s one of the little things that gamers can easily appreciate.

A sprinkle of challenge

As minimal as The Ramp is, it presents a constant amount of challenges for gamers. When you first turn it on, you may find it a bit difficult (no puns), but it will not take you long to become familiar with the controls in general, not to mention that it feels satisfying.

Look at:

It really is one of the better mobile games out there in terms of balancing ease and challenge. Even if you perfect the art of performing tricks and the like, you still have a number of ramps to conquer. In some ways, it’s like playing golf. In golf, the design of the course itself brings a unique challenge. In some ways, this is similar to The Ramp.

As mentioned, it can be a very satisfying game. If you start out and crash a few times, it may suck, but man, once you start nailing them, it’s as smooth as butter.

Relaxing skateboarding experience

We talked about the challenge that The Ramp can bring, but sometimes you just want to relax, clear your mind and play. Well, you will be able to do that here too. Like the aforementioned Skate City, the atmosphere in the game is very relaxed.

You can just spend a good deal of time doing some tricks on the various ramps. It is one of the great games to play when you are relaxing in bed or on a couch but would like to play a little without going for a hardcore experience.

You can still enjoy the challenge and the opportunity to master your skills, all the while relaxing. It really is one of the more unique games that mixes these elements together. It’s not going to blow you away with huge levels and a great soundtrack, but it does provide the fun of skateboarding in a cool way.

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