The Red Sox had the most unfortunate tweet before Chris Sale gave up a grand slam

The Red Sox got off to a great start in Game 2 and decided to show off their performance in the first Twitter entry. Unfortunately, the Rays got to bat.

Despite having their ace on the mound, the Red Sox faced an early deficit with the favorite Tampa Bay Rays in Game 2. If the Red Sox lose, they would face a possibly insurmountable 0-2 hole back to Boston.

The Sox don’t necessarily have to win a game in Tampa Bay, but doing so makes it easier to defeat the Rays in a five-game series. Sadly for Boston, that dream doesn’t seem like it will become a reality unless the offense wakes up.

Boston’s first entry tweet is an obvious cold take.

Sale Day ended very quickly.

The Rays also had a crafty response ready.

Red Sox: Chris Sale isn’t playing to his ace potential

Sale didn’t look like his normal self at the end of the season, dealing with injury problems in his last start against the Baltimore Orioles. Boston would lose that game.

Alex Cora knocked Sale off the team’s wild card games list and still managed to defeat the New York Yankees. Facing a much tougher task in Tampa, they needed a classic ace start to finish off the best team in the American League.

That did not happen.

Jordan Luplow took Sale deep, and the Sox quickly pulled him out of the game. Tanner Houck replaced Sale in the game as the Red Sox try to keep Game 2 within reach.

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