The sled that made Bairstow and Stokes look red

“It was just a bit of a bad mouth from the crowd, it’s not the biggest and it’s not necessary,” said Bairstow, unbeaten at 103 on stump, after the game.

“We’re out there trying to do our job, people are out there enjoying today’s cricket. Unfortunately, sometimes you have people who exceed the goal.

“I think it’s important to stand up for ourselves, because if we do not also stand up for ourselves, then we can do it, especially when people exceed the goal they need to be told.”

Three men were thrown out of the stadium without charge. This mast top saw police address several men shortly after the incident.

“It would have been nice if we were there and gave it when we went away eventually, right?” said Bairstow.

“Unfortunately, they were not there in the end, they missed the end of a great day of test cricket.”


Stokes was dismissed shortly after tea for 66, his top score in the series despite being in clear discomfort due to a side load that is likely to exclude him from bowling for the rest of the match and his participation in the fifth Test is in doubt .

Witnesses praised Stokes and Bairstow for the way they handled the case.

“It was well handled by Jonny and Stokesy, well known to them,” Xander said. “He’s done well, just give them a break. They did fine. They [the spectators] were cock heads. “

Another witness, Will, said: “He handled it well, stood on his stand, showed a bit of struggle. He represents his country and does the best he can.”

The episode comes 12 months after Indian sailor Mohammed Siraj claimed he had been racistly abused by spectators sitting behind where he was on the pitch.

A Cricket Australia report believed Siraj and his teammates had been racistly abused, but cleared out the six men.

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